Soda Pop Up – refreshing drinks at reach!

Just to follow up yesterdays post about popcorn I thought it would be natural to talk about cool drinks. It’s nice to have them at reach and keep them cool and if you want something that looks cool a smaller and designed refrigerator may be the answer.

I think a refrigerator would be a great complement to a popcorn machine.  Refrigerator could be in many sizes and designs and you should think about how much space and money you have. You should also think about the size inside depending on how much you plan to have in the refrigerator. Maybe you plan to have beer or other alcoholic beverage or have many visitors then you obviously need a bigger one. If you plan to have wine bottles then you probably would be better of with a separate wine cooler.

I don’t know about you but I would like to see what’s inside the refrigerator so a display on front would be great. That way it also looks more like a movie theater where you can see and buy what you like (and probably cheaper : ).

Remember that a refrigerator needs power so think twice about the placement. If the power outlet is far away you need an extension cord and probably you want to hide it.

I fund a great dealer for refrigerators where you can learn more and get more info about refrigerators. They even have video clips for their refrigerators! I recommend to look at their “beverage refrigerators” for home theaters.


Amazon have a lot of types and also category named “beverage refrigerators”. You can check them all out here:


Ebay have even more (!) refrigerators but you can search for beverage in the search field for refrigerators to narrow it down a bit.


Be sure to look up the warranty if you buy!


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