Pop Up Your Home Theater – get the right feeling

It seems like many people associate movie theater visits with popcorn and so does I šŸ‘

My wife loves popcorn with butter on them and always buys those or some chips when we are in the movie. I like popcorn and buy those sometimes at the movie and sometimes at a store for home but not as much as my wife. The feeling of having newly made popcorn and get it in some nice box is very appealing to me.

If you want that feeling in your home theater there is a lot of different and cool popcorn machines out there!Ā  There are big ones, small ones, ones with wheels, ones that look retro, nostalgic, modern and so on…

Popcorn machines

I have seen a lot of them and here are some of the ones I really like:

This one has an “Antique” look in stainless steelĀ and it has gotten great reviews from those who bought it. Many users think this machine is easy to clean and theĀ bottom has a small area of holes which allows for any remaining pieces to be easily deposited into the bottom catch drawer. This catch drawer pulls out so any remaining pieces can be thrown in the trash.Ā Many users recommend to use popcorn with coconut oil and toĀ leave the heating light on to have good tasting popcorn for the whole evening:

Popcornmachine 1

This one also has an “Antique” look with stainless steel and are quite similar to the one above (same producer) but have a floor stand with wheels…I’m sold on this one šŸ˜Š It also has great reviews from those who bought it. Just like the one above many users recommends to use coconut oil and toĀ leave the heating light on to have good tasting popcorn for the evening:

Great Northern Popcorn 6097


Here is one that like the first one is a table standing machine and has a bit of stainless steel but aren’t as exclusive. This one has only got medium reviews but is a lot cheaper than the first one…

Popcornmachine 3


Of course, you also need popcorn and the cheapest alternative is probably to buy big packages.

This is popcorns that are manufactured by the same company that makes the two first machines above. They haveĀ gotten very good reviews and are saluted for their great taste. They comeĀ with coconut oil and are Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), Diacetyl and Gluten free.:

Another popcorn that has been saluted for their great taste is this one. They also got very good reviews and if you read the reviews you can see that some people have gone from the one above to this one. They comeĀ with coconut oil and areĀ 100% Whole Grain, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free.

Jolly Time

Popcorn bags and boxes

It’s easy to forget that you must have something to put your nice tasting popcorn in and there are different types of boxes and bags with different types of motives and colors to choose from. It’s good to remember that if you choose bags it’s more fragile than boxes and rips easily when trying to fil.

This oneĀ is a quite popular bag that’s come in a handy size. Some usersĀ don’tĀ like that the bags don’t stand on their own or that they too small but many seems to be satisfied. It doesn’tĀ cost much and comes in a 50 pack.Ā  Ā 

Popcorn bag

Here’s another one with the same size but with another design. It has gotten great reviews but there are very few reviews so it’s hard to tell if those reviews are telling the truth. These bags don’t stand on their own either so watch out…The price is ok but not as cheap as the ones above.

Popcorn bags 2

If you want the bags to stand and have more resistance it’s a better choice to buy popcorn boxes but be aware that they cost more per piece!

This box has gotten many good reviews and has been praised for their quality and sturdy.Ā  They are in normal size and are very pricey. They come in 100 pack.

Popcorn box 1

Here’s one that’s even cheaper and got very good reviews but has only 4 reviews as to date. They are in normal size and come in 100 pack.Popcorn box 2


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