Nice – my new satellite TV-set has arrived :)

Although I’m impressed with our Netflix account I’m not super impressed by the picture quality. That’s why I been looking for another way to get the best picture quality direct to our new home. The best picture quality is otherwise to buy movies, series etc. on Blu-ray as I regularly do (you can really find cheap ones nowadays).

I read a review in a Swedish Home Theater magazine where they tried this combination and was lyric about the picture quality and very impressed by the TV-box called “Smart”. When I then saw this combination in an incredible “Black Friday” offer I could not resist it. The offer included the TV-box, Satellite Dish set, installation AND a Apple TV 4…no cost at all for the start but a reduced monthly payment in 24 month to the Satellite channel provider (Canal Digital). The monthly payment includes almost every channel they got including a lot of HD channels 🙂


Canal Digital TV-set with Satellite dish

The Satellite box is named “Smart” and it seems good on the paper. It has room for a hard disk up to at least 1 TB so you can record everything you like and watch other channels while you do it. It has Wi-Fi/LAN so you can connect to a lot of internet based services or connect to your home network.

Update 2016-12-19: I got a visit from the company that mounts Satellite dishes. The guy that came has just mounted the dish on our garage and installed the box.

Our Satellite Dish

Our New Satellite Dish

When he entered our living room he saw my TV (Pioneer PDP LX-6090) and said that’s the same model of TV he has and that he think that’s the best *lol*.  I thought that that guy sure would like to talk about some home theater stuff so later I served him some coffee and cake and we sat down and talked. We talked about picture quality via internet (fiber) compared to cable and cable compared to satellite, new TV techniques and a lot more.

I always gets carried away when I talk about that stuff!

Update 2016-12-21: My Apple TV 4 just arrived so now I got everything I signed up for.

If you have any own experience of Satellite dishes etc. or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

Regards, Jan


  1. Wow, this satellite is great! But I don’t know that whether my house can get use it or not. Wish to get one.

  2. Hi, Dino and thanks for your comment!
    Yes, it’s really great and I keep discover new things (and channels) almost every day 🙂
    The provider is Canal Digital and they are a Nordic pay TV and internet service provider so they only operate in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
    The TV-set seems to be specially made for Canal Digital by a manufacturer called KAON and the model seems to have the name Kaon NS1130 but can’t be found on the KAON website…
    So it can be a little hard to find this offer if you live outside our Nordic country’s but it should be some similar TV-set out there 🙂
    Regards, Jan

    • Hi, Peter and thanks for your info!

      Yes, and I found out that if you have the box connected to your home network, you can open the box’s web page via a computer and you will receive the following information:

      Device information: xxx
      Box Manufacturer: ADB
      Manufacturer Web Page: http://www.adbglobal.com/
      Model Description: xxx / DLNA
      Model name: TNR-NS1130

      So it really support that statement 👍
      Regards, Jan

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