Movie posters – from teenage rooms to Home Theaters

When I was a teenager I had a lot of movie poster in my room (and some posters of music groups). I was a little sad when I had to remove them but a couple of years ago I start thinking about them again to use in a home theater or in a room with boring walls.

It seems like the most common material for movie posters is silk fabric cloth or paper (correct me anyone if I’m wrong!).  The silk should increases the poster’s lifespan but could be difficult to hang (unless it’s framed).

If you planing to get a movie post you should be thinking about if it should be framed. It gets more expensive but I think i looks better and gets more resistant. You should also be thinking about what kind of motive you want and who will see the post. The motive could be a really cool in a week but then you get bored of it so look for something that seems to last some time. If you have kids in the room you should be aware so they don’t get to scared (if you choose some scary poster) and don’t want anything to do with your cool home theater gadgets : )

Here are some cool posters I like:


Here are some nice frames:

I fund this aluminum “snap-on” frame for your movie poster who seems like a good way to make it easier to put a frame on it:


…they even have a lockable aluminum poster case with glazed door, if your very careful   : )


I will edit with the list soon….


By the way…I saw something cool about movie posters today. On the big e-commerce site alibaba.com you can get custom printed movie posters at ok prices. Really crazy to get a massive 10 Square Meter of your favorite movie poster 🙂

Here’s the link if your interested: Coming soon


If you have a tip on some posters or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

Regards, Jan

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