Movie masks – horror, comedy or something else?

When I saw the movie “Predator” for the first time I thought it was so cool and still today I think of it sometimes. There’s probably a lot of movies in your mind and someones that you really like? Those movies would surly be nice to have some reminder of and a cool way of doing that is to have something tangible in your home theater. A catchy way to do that is to have a mask from your favorite movie or series placed in your home theater.

There is lot of masks out there and depending on what you like you could choose a fun mask, a horror mask, a mask from a kids movie or something else. A mask that’s very popular today and used by a lot of people that want to highlight anonymity is really from the movie “V For Vendetta” so a movie mask could be very famous and popular.


If you thinking about getting a movie mask there is some things to consider:

  • Are you thinking about a mask from a new movie? Think twice so you don’t pick something you get tired of. Maybe the best is to pick something you have liked for a long time.
  • Is the mask scary? Be careful so you don’t scare kids etc.
  • Where do you plan to place it? If you want it on a wall, check if the mask can be hanged. If you want it on a stand check that and look if the mask includes something to hang or stand with.

There is a lot of places where you can buy a mask but here are some places I have looked at movie masks:

Soon updated! 


If you have bought a new mask or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

Regards, Jan


P.S: I thinking of buying all the movies in the “Predator” on Blu-ray. It would be nice to have them all so I can watch my favorite scens when I want in awesome quality. If you got a Blu-ray player it feels like a waste if you don’t have Bly-ray discs. I  found this one for a great price:

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