Cool Home Theater Gadgets is back on track!

Hi there my friends!

My blog about cool home theater gadget has not been so active the last couple of month. That’s because I been active in some other web projects and we been moving to a house more far from the city. It also has been a very hectic time with the move and with small kids that’s going to a new school and preschool. On top of that I been diagnosed with depression and have been on medication for a long time now 🙁

As part of the recovering from depression we have moved and I have just recently quit my job as a procurement officer. Instead I doing what I have been dreaming of for a long time…working full time online as self employed. I really like this “Laptop Lifestyle” and learning so much.

Now that I feel I got more time and I can manage more I will work a lot more on cool home theater gadgets and continue to write about things that I hope you find cool 🙂

Regards, Jan



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